Comme un bouchon

Bistrot Lyonnais

On Monday, in Geneva for business, I ventured from my hotel a little before 8pm to look for dinner. After perusing the menu of a few places in the neighbourhood, I settled on the little “bistrot lyonnais”. The menu looked a little meat heavy but made my mouth water.

The proprietor and wait staff greeted me warmly and seated me in the cozy restaurant near the bar with a good view of the black board with the daily specials.  The last item on the board was “Spécialités orales de Cédric et Mélanie”.

Both Cédric and Mélanie, the waiters, were very attentive to all the patrons, explained the specials to me and managed to ask several times without being annoying if everything was alright.  It was nice.  Service in Berlin can be, shall I say, less than attentive.

Cédric was kind enough to repeat and explain the specials to me.  After no deliberation, I chose two starters: the roasted bone marrow  (to spread on toast!) and the French onion soup.  Fun fact: French onion soup is simply “soupe à l’onion” in French. Somewhat illogically this formula doesn’t apply to French fries, French toasts or French braids.

Although I declined the wine and as I was seated near the bar,  I watched several bottles that had been ordered by other guests being poured into pots lyonnais.  I want one.

The roasted bone marrow arrived smelling heavenly of garlic, with toasted bread and small salad with a mustardy dressing.  The bone marrow was roasted and served in the bone that had been cut in two.  It was buttery and delicious and just writing about it is making my mouth water again.  The soup was also quite good but the real highlight was the “os à moelle”.

Over the evening I watched the place became quite full and people were still arriving when I left at 9:30pm.  About a quarter of the guests arriving seemed to know the owner personally.    I left the restaurant stuffed and content.

Turns out that a bouchon is a small traditional Lyonnaise restaurant not known for its light cuisine and definitely known for their convivial atmosphere.

Comme un Bouchon
Bistrot Lyonnais
Rue de la Terrassière 5
1207 Geneva, Switzerland

Note:  I found one recipe in English for roasted bone marrow. However, searching in French was far more successful: “os a moelle recette“.

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  1. Sounds like a lovely dining experience….we used to eat marrow, when the opportunity arose, when I was a kid. Have to confess, I have not done so in many, many years…..only ever went through Geneva on our way to and from seeing Jessica in Lausanne. Had a most forgettable meal at our hotel there….rather Holiday Inn-ish. Come to think of it, it may have been. Enjoy your travels and dining experiences!


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