Carrots out the Wazoo

I got a ridiculously huge bunch of carrots in my CSA on Friday (Yes, it is January! This is why I moved to Austin):

Beta carrotene

And I’m expecting more today from my Dad’s garden. Not that carrots straight from the garden aren’t delicious, but I suspect I will become bored with them rather quickly. Planned so far: carrot salad with dried currants (dried fruit – gasp!), possibly carrot soup with dill, and carrot bread (Mark Bittman‘s recipe), which I just took out of the oven.

Mark Bittman’s carrot bread – definitely a keeper

What are your favorite ways to enjoy carrots?

A note on raisins: When I mentioned to my sister that I made carrot bread and that she would be getting half, she replied: “I hope there are no raisins in there; that would piss me off.” Obviously she doesn’t know me as well as a sister should! I couldn’t agree more with her standard raisin quote: “Raisins are nature’s way of giving you the finger.”

3 thoughts on “Carrots out the Wazoo

  1. Dang….just finished cleaning grocery store carrots to put in my lentils and chicken soup. (That’s two separate dishes…) How is the carrot bread?


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