Mojo Take Two

Excited to re-find sour oranges at the store on Saturday after they appeared for about a week a month ago, I was looking forward to making chicken with mojo (the Cuban kind) last night. Sadly it was not to be. When I opened up the chicken I had bought from the meat counter, it smelled like ammonia. I figured the chicken at upscale grocery store chains is the same as the chicken at regular grocery store chains, but I guess this was my proof. But really, chicken shouldn’t be bad regardless of where you buy it! Poop on Central Market/HEB. Or more accurately, poop on Central Market’s chicken thighs.

So, today I headed to Whole Foods to try again. I got some chicken thighs that didn’t smell like ammonia (though who knows if they were really any better). I rubbed a little salt, pepper and orange zest under the skin and then roasted them.

Next it was time to mix up the mojo. Since I had never actually had it before, I looked up a couple of recipes and decided to go with Mark Bittman’s because it was plain. Also, I like Mark Bittman. I figured I can try “fancy” versions later. To make his version you need:

Not as garlicky as you would expect

oil (I used olive)
sour orange juice

You make a paste out of the onion, garlic, oil and S&P and then cook it until it starts to get a little color. It looks sort of an odd greenish gray color. I had to Google some images to make sure, but apparently that’s right. Then add the orange juice and cook for a minute longer. I just poured the sauce over the chicken after it was done, but lots of recipes online use it as a marinade. I think I might heat the leftover thighs and sauce together tomorrow and see how that works out.

Mojo chicken
Sorry about the fluorescent light

Update: The garlic is stronger the next day. I’m all garlicked out, so I think it will be a while before I make this again.

4 thoughts on “Mojo Take Two

  1. I’ve never heard of mojo let alone had it. Since I love tang, I should investigate this. (I’m also eyeing that salad in the background.)


  2. It’s very tangy and delicious. Recipes say use half lemon and half lime juice if you can’t get sour oranges. That would work, but I would maybe add a little orange juice too, especially if it’s not too sweet. The salad is this one (note the dried currants, not raisins!). I also used regular yogurt, not nonfat.


  3. HAHA! Actually, I didn’t really like them all that much (they tasted like regular raisins to me), but at least they’re smaller. And Wikipedia says they’re not even a good source of vitamin C! I’ll leave them out next time.


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