Franklin Barbecue: Yep, Still Good

Still there. Still good. We thought we’d better make sure.

After we discovered that our original choice for lunch on Friday was closed, Tiffany and I decided we needed more barbecue. We had already been hungry for it again after putting together the first review on Wednesday night.

This time it was an hour later in the day, the line was a little longer, and there were two (maybe three) more people working there. Otherwise everything else was pretty much the same.

Down to the same local behind us in line. We recognized him right away as he walked up, and he recognized us too. He seemed to think we must be alright since we had the good sense to come back for more barbecue. As we finished up eating, he wished Tiffany a safe trip back to Germany and to me he said, “And I’ll see you at Franklin’s!”

I’m sure he will.

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