Yam Yam

Kristin told me about a newish casual Korean place on Alte Schönhauser Straße called Yam Yam. After her rave review, we went there together and we both had the super yummy bulgogi rice bowl.  The bulgogi was served with piles of fresh baby spinach on top (a hard to find item in Berlin). I find a lot of white rice too boring to even finish eating, but the rice they serve has personality and nice bite: plump, sticky grains. All mains come with three side dishes: kimchi plus two others. Kristin and I were served different ones so we got to try their whole selection. Some sides were better than others, but all were tasty.

Light mid-week supper at Yam Yam

I’ve been back twice on my own since then. It’s on my way home which makes it an easy choice for dinner. The second time I went I had the “ozinger bokum” (google indicates that the more common English transliteration is “ojinga bokkeum”) which is to say spicy fried squid again on their tasty rice.  When I got to the bottom of my bowl, the hot sauce was too strong and I had to give up. It pleased me so much; it was the first thing I have ever eaten in Berlin that was too spicy for me to finish.

I stopped there tonight and I wasn’t even hungry; I just wanted to treat myself after a long week. I know it’s only Wednesday. It’s been a long week nonetheless. I ordered some meat dumplings and a side of “odeng bokum” — sliced fishcake with hot peppers marinated in chili oil. A de-facto side of kimchi was served with it. The dumplings were very pretty, and flavourful.

If I had one teeny complaint, it would be that the kimchi — which is served as a side with everything — is too salty, which overwhelms any other flavour it has. That is forgiveable since everything else is fresh, delicious and served fast.

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