What we’re eating, weekly digest 2010-05-16

  • Omelet with fiddleheads, trout, dill, shallots, and Boursin. Plus lots of #javamoose coffee. #
  • No. 52 with duck on fried noodles at the local Asian place. Sauce that looked like vomit and smelled of cinnamon. Gross. Sad. #Regrettable #
  • amazing! terra® swiss roots chips – carrots, red beets and sugar beets with herbed sea salt http://bit.ly/aFjvK8 #
  • Bier #
  • Noodles. Again. This time curry udon. #
  • Five more pounds of scallops. Microbrew named after Abraham Gesner, inventor of kerosene. #
  • Cheddar made in 2005 + arugula pesto and crackers. #