My early, empty shelves.

A desire to eat well — well here meaning both healthfully and elevated — inspires me to buy certain ingredients to keep in my pantry. However, when I moved to Berlin I did not know how long I would stay, and so I was reluctant to buy pantry items that I might never use up. Plus I had myself on a no-added-sugar regime. At home, I extended this to no cream. In grocery stores, I shied away from jams and most condiments other than mustard. I did not eliminate cheese (as if I would ever do that!). My cooking at home became sort of dull as I found myself eating raw vegetables for breakfast and tuna with capers on pasta for dinner. I had lost inspiration when I removed my freedom.

Eventually I got beyond my commitment fear and my calorie obsession and started into the buying. Lentils, rices, tins of beans, and the group of things I collectively refer to as Kitchen Liquids. Now it is all starting to feel like clutter. Wasteful clutter.

The Goods

I’m a bit unsure why I have two kinds of apple sauce.

There are a lot of things beyond hunger that motivate me to eat. Inspiration, invitation, accommodation, socialization, boredom. I am choosing to make conservation and utilisation two new motivating factors.

I declare that I will plough through my pantry. Until I have cycled through everything I currently have, I vow that each meal I make at home will use my current stock in some significant way. From this challenge I have excluded things I always cycle through without effort, like tuna and capers and pasta. I didn’t bother dragging things from my fridge to be photographed, but I have some tandoori paste and sweet chilli sauce that I should eat before they need to be tossed.

Brace yourself.

9 thoughts on “Inventory

  1. I decided to throw away the soy beans. (Top left of dry goods photo) I bought them thinking they were black beans. I have NO idea what to do with dried soy beans except sprout them, and considering how poorly I digest unprocessed soy, I figured I should just unload them.


  2. can you come plow through my pantry and use it up for me… I have no inspiration to dig in and use it….. Let’s Cook!!!!


  3. Tonight I ate a bowl of rice with some soy sauce, sesame oil and sweet chilli sauce. It barely put a dent in my rice supply. I was going to heat the can of red Thai curry to pour on the rice, but decided I was not hungry enough. Getting through this food is not just going to be long; it’s going to be boring …


    1. On the plus side, dinner must have cost at most 50 cents, which is what I spent on a peach to eat on my way to tae kwon do.


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