Corned Beef, the meat lover’s pickle

Or maybe it’s the pickle lover’s meat?

I’m currently brining a corned beef. It’s very hard work; I dick around on the computer and play a bit of guitar, and meanwhile the hunk of meat sits in the fridge for a few days. Very arduous. What makes it hard work is the waiting. Waiting, and hoping it turns out tasty. Only five more days of holding my breath.

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Ice Cream Ultimatum

Last evening we talked about ice cream flavours. Kevin, Kristin’s brother, told of a place in Vancouver with over 200 options, including curry (what kind he didn’t say though I guess yellow) and pear with blue cheese.

This morning, in that foggy place between sleeping and waking, I imagined that I was given an ice cream ultimatum: What ice cream flavour would you choose if you could only eat one flavour for the rest of your life. I hastily thought “hazelnut”.

What? Hazelnut? My sleepy brain didn’t choose so badly, and it chose quickly, but my sleepy brain apparently can’t remember past the last time it had tasty ice cream. Now that I am more alert, I am of course unable to choose.

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What we’re eating, weekly digest 2010-06-06

  • Baguette and Brillat-Savarin. #
  • Hot smoked Atlantic salmon, organic cream cheese. What's not to like? #
  • Black Krim tomato from the garden. #
  • Salt soup, undercooked onions, terrible wine sauce. I remember why we stopped eating lunch here. #
  • Mocha cake and coffee at Magnolia Cafe. #
  • Stuff from the grill. Good friends and good food. #
  • Ice cream that tastes like Flintstones vitamins, complete with chalky aftertaste. #
  • Two scoops of ice cream: caramel au beurre salé and jasmin #
  • Pizza and beer followed by butter almond ice cream. #

Fava Beans

Last May Tiffany and I searched Berlin’s Winterfeldplatz market in vain for fava beans (we found plenty of strawberries and asparagus as expected) so we could make fava purée with dandelion greens. When searching for the recipe this time around, I discovered it actually calls for dried favas. So I made this one for fresh fava bean purée instead and decided to save my dandelion greens, which I happened to have from my CSA, for my favorite salad: salade lyonnaise with dandelion greens, bacon and croutons (minus the egg of course).
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