The Pot

First, get the Pot. You need the simplest rice cooker made. It comes with two speeds: Cook, and Warm. Not expensive. Now you’re all set to cook meals for the rest of your life on two square feet of counter space, plus a chopping block. No, I am not putting you on the Rice Diet. Eat what you like. (Roger Ebert’s Journal)

Roger Ebert teaches us about cooking, eating and food writing in The Pot, and how to use it. Filled with laugh out loud gems and actual practical advice. His book, The Pot and How to Use It. The Mystery and Romance of the Rice Cooker, inspired by the article and the hundreds of comments it received, will be released in September.

Cookbooks as Gifts

So… speaking of bridal showers. I’m going to one next week. The bride-to-be isn’t an epicurean by any means but she does have an interest in cooking and baking. She’s registered for a gorgeous glass cake stand and some decorating bags and tips. Clearly, I had to buy these things for her but also wanted to pick up a few cookbooks to help her get her library started.

Giving cookbooks as part of a shower gift is something that I do often. It’s usually themed, like, a bartending book with a blender or a book on slow cooking to go with an enameled cast iron pan, for example.

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Sushi Class

Although I love eating sushi, I have never really been inclined to try to make it at home. Mostly because my favorite part about eating sushi is being able to try lots of different kinds of fish, and that’s just not feasible at home. But when I was given the chance to participate in a sushi class, of course I said yes!

Rick's beef roll with crispy leeks. Note to self: find more uses for crispy leeks!
Rick’s beef roll with crispy leeks. Note to self: find more uses for crispy leeks!

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