The Pot

First, get the Pot. You need the simplest rice cooker made. It comes with two speeds: Cook, and Warm. Not expensive. Now you’re all set to cook meals for the rest of your life on two square feet of counter space, plus a chopping block. No, I am not putting you on the Rice Diet. Eat what you like. (Roger Ebert’s Journal)

Roger Ebert teaches us about cooking, eating and food writing in The Pot, and how to use it. Filled with laugh out loud gems and actual practical advice. His book, The Pot and How to Use It. The Mystery and Romance of the Rice Cooker, inspired by the article and the hundreds of comments it received, will be released in September.

One thought on “The Pot

  1. Sounds like this book should be issued to every first year student on the planet, along with a rice cooker.


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