Jalapeño Lemonade

My Mission: To find new ways to scorch my digestive tract… er… I mean, to find new uses for my home-grown high-intensity jalapeño peppers.

Jalapeño lemonade
Jalapeño lemonade

When I saw this description for Jalapeño Lemonade at Yum Recipes, I couldn’t resist:

If this sweet, tart, wet, and wild cooler sits past 3 hours, we are not responsible for the damages.

Their recipe apparently originated from the Totally Chili Pepper Cookbook. I borrowed elements from the recipe at Veggiebelly.com as well as making my own modifications to add tartness and heat.
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The ultimate savoury snack: the TifCo Memorial Sandwich

This is a recently-made Tiffany Conroy Memorial Sandwich. Because of availability, rosemary and sea salt bread was used instead of baguette.

The Tiffany Conroy Memorial Sandwich is, in my opinion, the best legacy of the time I spent working with Tiffany Conroy. We were sweat shop labour in an office next door to St. Lawrence Market in Toronto.

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Military Meals

My friend Mike from London / university / St. Thomas sent me a link from Saturday’s New York Times to a gallery of military meals. It’s fascinating. I had several reactions:

  • I get nostalgic seeing that generic Canadian moist towelette
  • PAPER matches? (hangs head in shame)
  • I’m sure those all those soups and stews look less like vomit when they are in a cup
  • The Americans provide tortillas but still refuse to admit Spanish should be an official language
  • The German matches are so cute! Hedgehog!
Screenshot of the galley from the New York Times article “A Taste of Home in Foil Packets and Powder”