Pão de queijo

I had heard about Brazilian “cheese bread,” or pão de queijo, but had never tried it until my friend Rick found frozen ones at the grocery store a few months ago. Last week he talked the Brazilian couple who cleans his house into giving us a lesson on how to make the gougère-like rolls. They are surprisingly easy to make and will give you lead-belly in no time flat.
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Never buy chopped dates

One of Tiffany’s rules of life

Chopping dried dates is a sticky, time consuming, delicate job. It requires a sharp knife, a special technique, and time.

Pre-chopped dates are terrible — dry, woody, gross. Convenience versions of foods which were once revered have made eating a sad affair. Do not participate in the perpetuation of the abomination of food and eating.

Make a space, make the time, and do it right.

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