Ash-e reshteh sans reshteh

Some of you know that Ottolenghi: The Cookbook is my favorite cookbook. Written by an Israeli and a Palestinian who own/run a restaurant (now restaurants and I think now owned/run by only one of them) called Ottolenghi in London, it’s full of recipes that combine everyday ingredients like legumes, rice and onions with exciting ingredients like za’atar, sumac and pomegranate. It’s my go-to source when I’m craving Middle Eastern.
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Roughing it in Switzerland

or Five Days of Fine Dining

My former boss and friend Mark now lives in Switzerland where he and his family have a chalet in Jaun, the only German-speaking municipality in district of French-speaking Gruyère in the Prealps, or Alpine foothills. Mark generously offered the use of the chalet over Christmas.

Tiffany, Sebastian and I took up the offer and planned to go for 4-5 days over Christmas. When Peter and Graham, friends from Canada, planned a vacation to Berlin over Christmas and New Year it was decided that they would join us.

Alpine foothills
The Prealps, which is not a made up word.

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