First green onion of the spring

When I was little, my family used to eat green onions from the garden like carrot sticks. Here is my first one of the season.

4 thoughts on “Onion

  1. Grandpa Harold LOVES to chomp on green onions. Like carrot sticks! 🙂 Not sure where that came from, but I know it was common when I was a kid, too.


  2. My family did the same with chinese garlic chives in the early season and with the unopened flowers later in the season as well. My mom let the take over the lawn on one side of the house. They also repel animals from stealing the vegetables grown in the adjacent bed.


  3. My mom used to put out green onion “sticks” on the table too. They were one of those things, like radishes, that I really liked for the first half and then could not finish because the flavour got too strong. I kept trying them though, over and over.


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