Lime Soda

Oh my, this is a good drink.

  • juice of two limes
  • dash of salt
  • pint (500ml) of soda water
Juice of two limes and a dash of salt per pint (500ml) of soda water

As I mentioned last Sunday, I recently bought a book called The Hungover Cookbook. I bought it because it is filled with tasty sounding, mostly hot, mostly savoury breakfast recipes. I love hot, savoury breakfast. As for the hangover bit, I remain unconvinced that there is anything I could safely put into my stomach when I am hungover and expect it to stay there, but let’s not dwell on that.

One of the recipes in it that caught my eye was the simply named Lime Soda. I’ve never been to India, but the recipe and the internet tell me that it is popular in India.

It contains only limes and soda water. And salt. The salt is key.

Wow. Delicious. Highly recommended.

I bought these key limes on an impulse because they are CUTE

8 thoughts on “Lime Soda

  1. lime and sparkling water has been a favourite drink of mine since we lived in st-lucia (where we had an actual fruit bearing lime tree in the yard). I still drink it regularly but I’ve never tried it with salt.

    now I’m really thirsty.


    1. Definitely not. This drink is about the tang and salt. Tonic water is sugary. I mean, that combo might be good, I guess, but the it is a different drink entirely.


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