The wing experiment

Left with a pot of cooked chicken wings after making stock and too lazy to pick off the meat for salad, I decided the best and easiest way to use them would be to fry them up. And since I had been craving Mark Bittman’s Sweet Garlic Soy Sauce, I decided that would make the perfect glaze. I was right.

You must try these. Just fry up the wings as you would for Buffalo wings and toss them in the sauce. A little goes a long way since the sauce is basically a sticky sweet and salty caramel. Next time I think I’ll add a bit of orange juice or rice wine vinegar. Or I’ll use the sauce from David Chang’s wing recipe. Here’s a simplified version. The original calls for brining, cold-smoking and confiting the wings, then browing and pressing them in a cast-iron pan, and then glazing them.


Looking for a laugh, I picked up an old cookbook from my South Dakota grandmother this weekend, “The German-Russian Pioneer Cook Book.” I have three editions of this cookbook, all originally typed on a typewriter, two plastic spiral-bound with laminated cardstock front and back covers and one bound with binder rings. In addition to some “real” German and Russian recipes like Schupfnudeln, Einlaufsuppe and “Borsch,” it also contains some recipes I can only describe as very regional. Continue reading “Soup”