The wing experiment

Left with a pot of cooked chicken wings after making stock and too lazy to pick off the meat for salad, I decided the best and easiest way to use them would be to fry them up. And since I had been craving Mark Bittman’s Sweet Garlic Soy Sauce, I decided that would make the perfect glaze. I was right.

You must try these. Just fry up the wings as you would for Buffalo wings and toss them in the sauce. A little goes a long way since the sauce is basically a sticky sweet and salty caramel. Next time I think I’ll add a bit of orange juice or rice wine vinegar. Or I’ll use the sauce from David Chang’s wing recipe. Here’s a simplified version. The original calls for brining, cold-smoking and confiting the wings, then browing and pressing them in a cast-iron pan, and then glazing them.

2 thoughts on “The wing experiment

  1. Oh yes I definitely need to try this. I think you are right about adding vinegar – this recipe sounds like the brine for a favourite of mine, Adobo Chicken, but without the vinegar.


    1. I first made the sauce as a dipping sauce for wontons, and everyone was skeptical. Then they tasted it. It’s not too sweet in small doses, but if you eat 10+ wings dripping in it, then it doubles as dessert.


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