Toronto-style chicken

Step one: Buy a half of a rotisserie chicken from the local döner hut, also known as a “half chicken”. For only 40 cents extra, it comes with an actually tasty salad, so get that too.

Halbes Hänchen und Salat
Halbes Hänchen und Salat

Step two: Reach for your jar of imported St Lawrence Market Churrasco Chicken Sauce. This might be hard to source. Your best options is to hire a sauce mule.

Imported churrasco chicken sauce
Beribboned jar of churrasco chicken sauce

Step three: Cover half of the half chicken with sauce (because a whole half a chicken is too much for one person)

Rotisserie chicken bathed in Toronto-style churrasco sauce
That looks like a lot of sauce, but there’s tons left in the jar

Step four: Enjoy your chicken by candlelight.

Romantic chicken dinner for one
Romantic chicken dinner, direct from the styrofoam clam