Banana bread, jacked up, adapted, interpreted

Dirty secret: I keep imported Betty Crocker cake mix stashed in my cupboard for emergency cakes and cupcakes. I spend the time saved by the mix making fancy icings.

Today, responding to a sudden craving for chocolate cake, I reached guiltily for the now not-so-secret stash. Sebastian persuaded me to maybe, why not, take the few extra minutes and use the ever present frozen bananas in the freezer, add some bran, wouldn’t we all feel better?

Looking for a recipe, I checked out Smitten Kitchen, one of my go-to recipe inspiration sites. Not failing me, I found “Elise’s Friend Heidi’s Friend Mrs. Hockmeyer’s Banana Bread, As Jacked Up by Deb, Adapted from Simply Recipes.” It looked easy. I had the basic ingredients. It didn’t even require the mixer.

My pantry necessitated some interpretation. Bourbon was replaced with whisky. I added extra salt to make up for my unsalted butter. No nutmeg.

Then I took some liberties. A little less flour and 1/4 cup bran. And finally, one generous tablespoon cocoa for a slightly chocolatey flavour. If I’d had nuts and/or chocolate chips I would have added those.

An hour later, we’re enjoying a rainy Sunday afternoon with warm, rich banana bread and a fresh pot of coffee.

Banana Bread
The amazing floating banana bread.