Quick pickles

As is often the case, I ended up with an overgrown cucumber in my CSA share this week. And a bunch of sweet wax peppers, which I usually have a hard time finishing before the next box comes. So I decided I’d better make some quick pickles.

Cukes and peppers

I used this Scandinavian Marinated Cucumber Salad recipe for the cucumbers. Try it. I used this Pickled Peppers recipe for the peppers but I replaced the coriander with pickling spice. Note that recipe doesn’t include the water in the list of ingredients, which is dumb.

Pickles on a plate. And some other stuff.

4 thoughts on “Quick pickles

  1. Oh, yum. Also, what a great way to spend only a little time to prepare vegetables that stay good and instantly ready the rest of the week.


  2. Fun. I’m going to make some chive blossom vinegar today and then, in a month or so, experiment with quick pickles (quickles).


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