Powdered lemon peel

I saw some powered lemon peel at the spice stand at the market this past weekend. I bought it on a whim. They also had orange peel. I had seen some at a Christmas market in Nürnberg when we were there but stopped myself from buying it: it’s a super-fine powder that I had no idea how to use.

I also bought chili flakes. Shall I attempt cayenne ginger tea next?

I’m home with a cold today and trying to force feed myself liquids to loosen up the paste-thick mucus I occasionally cough up. To that end, I made a tea pot full of ”ginger tea”: loads of sliced ginger soaked for a time in hot water. But this time, I added a teaspoon of the lemon peel powder and a tablespoon of honey. I let that sit while I ate my lunch.

Wow. It’s like ginger-flavored bitter lemon, but as a tea. AMAZING.

If you can’t find any where you live, and you want some, ping me and I’ll send you a care package.

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