Mashed potato failure

There’s nothing easier than mashed potatoes.

In Berlin, all potatoes are labelled as either mehlig (floury/mealy/starchy) or festkochend (waxy/firm). No guesswork needed, no excuse for messing this up.

Whipping my freshly boiled potatoes, expecting light fluffy potatoes that I would spread over my roasted vegetables like a puffy cloud and then brown under the broiler, I got glue. Tasty glue, but still glue.

  1. I should have read the bag. Which was clearly labelled festkochend.
  2. I should have remembered since I’d already made a (firm) potato salad with these potatoes.

They would have been perfect for Aligot however.

3 thoughts on “Mashed potato failure

  1. Hrmm, aligot … I was thinking about this the other day when I was cutting some little cooked waxy potatoes that were so waxy they kept sticking to the knife.


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