Spicy black bean burgers

Around here we regularly eat hummus sandwiches and I’m always looking for new ways to introduce more beans into our diet.

I usually have a few bags of dried beans stocked in our pantry, this time including black beans. When I came across this recipe I found the pictures appetizing and I had almost all the ingredients necessary.  We’ve been working our way through a can of chipotles in adobo sauce and I thought I’d be able to incorporate some and leave out the recommended sriracha sauce topping.

The burgers are super quick to make but since I had dry beans I did soak and cook them a day before. I was very impressed with the texture and stickiness of the mixture. They formed perfect patties that held together beautifully.

I changed the recipe significantly enough, in my mind, that I’ll repost the recipe here with my changes.

Makes 6 burgers

2 cups black beans, soaked and cooked or canned

1 chipotle in adobo

2 cloves garlic

1 tbsp ground flaxseed + 4 tbsp water (fibre to offset the bean effect?)

2 tbsp bbq sauce

1/2 cup breadcrumbs

1 1/4 tsp salt

1/2 cup corn (fresh or frozen and defrosted)

olive oil for frying burgers

avocado for topping

ketchup for topping

Soak flaxseed in water for 5 minutes. Purée one cup of beans with the pepper and garlic. Mix in flaxseed, salt, bbq sauce, breadcrumbs, corn and remaining beans.

Form patties. Fry in olive oil over medium high heat 3-4 minutes per side until a nice crusty brown. Serve on a bun topped with avocado and ketchup.

Too bad I didn’t take any pictures.

Sebastian and I each had two burgers, one on a kaiser bun and one on a rye bun. Both were delicious. Sebastian declared “I would serve these to other people.” You might say that he had been skeptical.

6 thoughts on “Spicy black bean burgers

  1. How was the consistency? Although I usually like the taste of bean-based veggie burgers, I don’t like that they usually have the consistency of mashed potatoes.


  2. It was a bean paste-like although the addition of whole beans and the corn added some texture. If the consistency usually puts you off, you probably won’t enjoy these.


  3. It doesn’t put me off enough to not eat them. What keeps me from making them at home is their tendency to fall apart, so if these don’t, then I should try it. I do like the flavor of mushroom and grain based veggie burgers better than the bean-based ones though.. But then they seem like more work to do yourself.


  4. Groung flax seeds are commonly used in vegan baking as an egg substitute. They add stickiness and probably contributed to the structural integrity (since you were wondering).


    1. Right! Of course that’s what it’s for. I knew that ground flax seed and water form a gel, which supports digestion but it hadn’t occurred to me that it could be used as a good binding agent in place of eggs.


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