10 kilos of chicken wings

Leave it to me to impulse purchase 10kg of chicken wings. Do you want to know what 10kg of chicken wings looks like? It looks like this:

Fronx, Morgan and I went into one of the local Turkish grocery stores in our new neighbourhood so that Morgan could pick up some lamb. Such markets always have an extensive butchery with great prices. When I saw the chicken wings they were selling, I decided to get one or two kilos, but they were discounted if you got three. When I asked for three kilos, I was told they were deeply discounted if you bought a box of 10kg; only €19.95 for the lot.

Yeah, so I bought a box.

Seeing, and holding, the box, I knew I was going to need some help eating them, so I immediately invited Kristin, Sebastian and Dexter over to have an early supper with me, Fronx, and Morgan. I figured I would just go all the way, and deep fry those fuckers.

I used this recipe for the wings (though the cooking time was way off for the wing size I used) and this one for a blue cheese dip. I didn’t make a wing sauce, but served pepper sauce and the blue cheese dip only. When I make these wings again, I will chill the wings for the full 90 minutes suggested. I also baked some of these in oven, and those were also great. Not as crispy as deep frying, but crispy and yummy enough that I won’t bother with the long Alton Brown method ever again. If I make the cheese dip again, I would increase the mustard, and I would make it in advance so the flavours would get stronger.

Some more numbers:

  • Dozens of smallish wings in 10kg: 11
  • Number of wingettes in a wing: 2
  • Minutes Tiffany needs to cut 11 dozen wings into wingettes: 30
  • Litres of corn oil one can safety heat in a 10L Ikea pot: 1.5
  • Setting on Tiffany’s range that is perfect for heating oil for frying: 7
  • Wingettes you can deep fry at once in 1.5 L of corn oil: 6 – 8
  • Minutes it takes to cook through wingettes that are frying in corn oil: 4 – 5 *
  • Dozens of wingettes five adults and one toddler can eat as meal: 6 **

* The first batch took 10 minutes, but that time sped up as the oil got even hotter.

** Note: 6 dozen wingettes is only 3 dozen wings 😉

ps: I followed this tip on how to tell if your hot oil is hot enough for deep frying: http://lifehacker.com/5948673/use-a-grain-of-rice-to-check-if-your-oil-is-ready-for-frying

6 thoughts on “10 kilos of chicken wings

    1. After seasoning them and chilling them, as directed in the recipe I linked to, I laid out as many as would fit (without crowding) on a rack in a roasting pan, and cooked them at something like 200C until they looked browned and smelled good. Maybe … 30 – 40 min?


      1. Colin: no, I did not get any smoking. I think that the battering on them prevents smoking. Did he compare against versions with a coating? Perhaps like me, he assumed they would not get crispy. For non-coated wings, I would definitely use his steam-then-chill-first method for baking.


    1. I also liked the blue cheese dip! Best I’ve made. But I’ve had *even better* blue cheese dip before.


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