Pantry Update #2: Not everything works

Good thing it was just me and Fronx for dinner, and neither of us were that hungry.

After my recent successes, today I was weak. For tonight’s dinner, I wanted to use up some fresh ingredients I had, and I really wanted to finally make rava upma. Two problems: I used a poor recipe for the rava upma, and none of the dishes I made went together.

Failed dinner
Left: spiced eggplant. Top right: silken tofu and avocado. Foreground: rava upma.

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Inventory – The 2016 Edition

As I promised in my last post, I have made a complete photograph-supported catalogue of my pantry, along with notes about items.

Looking at the items over and over as I photographed them, photo-edited them, titled them and captioned them, the following ten categories emerged:

  • Chinese cuisine
  • Japanese cuisine
  • Thai cuisine
  • Indian cuisine
  • What do I do with this? Make more kimchi?
  • Things I put in drinks
  • Ready-to-eat
  • Just use already
  • Unique flavourings
  • Staples & Condiments

I can’t imagine others care too much to read everything, but if you have been following along for this long, then I suggest you at least skip to the “Just use already” section. That is where the biggest challenges are.

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