Pantry Update #10: Everyday Chinese

I’ve finally built up the pantry and experience to throw together a Chinese-inspired light meal with little to no planning or need to consult a recipe.

Dish #39: Chili oil

Having a great tasting chili oil around is key. A great chili oil can make almost any vegetable into a cold salad, or make any noodles a meal. Throw cilantro on there and boom: you’ve got a meal.

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Dry-fried salt & pepper vegetables

So. When you get salt & pepper shrimp at a restaurant, they serve it on vegetables. I have successfully made the shrimp, and I’ve made dry-fried beans, so when I realized I had onions and green pepper to stretch the few green beans I had into enough for two people, I applied my collected experience into making the vegetables they serve under salt & pepper shrimp.

It was easy. And it was glorious.

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Postpartum shout-outs

Three plus years and two babies later, it’s time to get back to this. My last post was twelve days before my oldest was born. (Hello, spicy bean burgers!) I thought I’d start back with a shout-out to the folks who provided Sebastian and I with much welcomed food in the first days and  weeks after each baby was born, freeing us up to marvel at our newborns.

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