Postpartum shout-outs

Three plus years and two babies later, it’s time to get back to this. My last post was twelve days before my oldest was born. (Hello, spicy bean burgers!) I thought I’d start back with a shout-out to the folks who provided Sebastian and I with much welcomed food in the first days and  weeks after each baby was born, freeing us up to marvel at our newborns.

I’m grateful to Tiffany, fronx, Morgan, Andrew, Theresa, Sabine and my mom both for providing us with meals for the freezer and for coming over and personally cooking for us. Thank you for your generosity and company.

We dined abundantly. In no particular order, and apologies if I’m forgetting something, we had:

  • Sushi & pizza personally delivered
  • Vietnamese lamb shanks with sweet potatoes
  • Goulash
  • Shepherd’s pie – Made with lamb, this was perhaps our favourite. As both kids were born in the winter, this was comfort food at it’s best. We specifically requested this again from Morgan when Valerie was born.
  • Vegetarian chili
  • Hummus
  • Beef daube (from the Joy of Cooking)
  • Chicken marbella
  • Fancy grilled cheese
  • Muffins – Mom helped us out for a few weeks after Dexter was born with a steady supply of salads, muffins, hummus, bouilli and other childhood favourites that I’m now forgetting. And she did all the laundry. Gold.

So I implore you, if you know someone who has recently given birth, bring them some food and offer to take out the garbage or start the laundry. They’ll appreciate it.

ps. if I’m forgetting someone I blame the lack of sleep

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