Red endive salad with chili vinaigrette

We entered the grocery store for staples: bread, cheese, eggs. The plan was get in get out.

Then I spotted the shelled peas which unleashed a desire for Spring vegetables, and I stuffed the basket with the peas, pretty red endive, a bunch of ruby red radishes, a zucchini, a couple heavy glossy lemons, and a wedge of Parmesan.

The pasta I made with some self-imported fusilloni (giant fusilli) was exactly what I had been craving: thinly sliced zucchini browned on the edges, peas gently braised in a buttery bath, zesty lemon notes, all turned over in that nutty funk of Parmesan.

But the salad. It was simple and gorgeous:

  • two red endives, sliced long ways into 12 or so pieces each, arranged on the plate to look nice
  • two radishes, sliced thin with a mandoline, then spread out over the endive
  • a few fork fulls of capers, scattered over
  • A simple vinaigrette poured over

Any vinaigrette will do, though this one was pretty great, and I will definitely make it again and again to pair with bitter salads:

Equal parts olive oil and white balsamic, sweetened with chili jelly and seasoned with just salt. Honey or sugar and pepper flakes would surely also do. Whisk with a fork.

I am sure this would be delicious with other variations such an regular endive, regular balsamic, orange juice in the vinaigrette … the version I made was so pretty though, if you can find red endives. Rewe has them right now.

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