Summer Potluck

We gathered together some friends this past weekend for some food, some drink, and some good conversation. As always, I did put some thought into the menu for the event. This group is a touch more adventurous than average but the group comprised a lot of kids. The folks over 30 only just barely outnumbered the folks under 8. Since the main goal for hosting the event was to catch up with some of my favourite people, I didn’t want to spend any time in the kitchen. I wanted as much of the food as possible to be served cold or at room temperature and for it to be easily self-served. I figured the less distracted I was at the event with food, the more time I got to see my friends. Also, almost everyone attending offered to bring a little something. I’m too much of a menu control freak to allow for an entirely potluck event. I planned to cook some items that would anchor the party and then everyone else chipped in everything else.
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Cookbooks as Gifts

So… speaking of bridal showers. I’m going to one next week. The bride-to-be isn’t an epicurean by any means but she does have an interest in cooking and baking. She’s registered for a gorgeous glass cake stand and some decorating bags and tips. Clearly, I had to buy these things for her but also wanted to pick up a few cookbooks to help her get her library started.

Giving cookbooks as part of a shower gift is something that I do often. It’s usually themed, like, a bartending book with a blender or a book on slow cooking to go with an enameled cast iron pan, for example.

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