High-value deliciousness

I have to say that there is no food with higher deliciousness for effort than risotto. Admittedly, it does take some time. But for the total amount of effort input, there is no food that packs the same kind of tastiness. Do not endeavour to make risotto unless you have a solid 35-45 minutes. But man, if you do find yourself with enough time to wait while the rice does it thing, I cannot recommend risotto enough.

I really wanted to get this recipe out because there is only one week or so of asparagus season left in the northern mid-latitudes. Fresh, local asparagus tastes so many lightyears better than the imported green wooden sticks you get out of season, it’s important to make the most of it while it’s here. Continue reading “High-value deliciousness”

Double Down Canapés

In honour of KFC’s horrific Double Down sandwich setting some kind of sales record in its first two weeks in Canada, I have decided the sandwich is ripe for miniaturization. If you haven’t heard about the Double Down, it’s bacon, cheese and “special” sauce sandwiched between two “buns,” which are actually just boneless breaded fried chicken. Monstrous.

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