Seafood Chowder

Living on the east coast of Canada, there is an abundance of fresh, tasty seafood. Chowder, when made well, is a wonderful way to show off local flavour. First, a note about chowder: it is not vegan, vegetarian, lactose-free, gluten-free, or kosher. For those with “allergies” it could produce full-on anaphylaxis, making it the soup equivalent of a loaded gun. Don’t let any of this detract you: well-prepared chowder is a gentle yet well-meaning fuck you to gourmands in need of mettle.
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Preserved Lemon

One of the favourite presents I have received was a huge canister of preserved lemons, presented as a gift for hosting a dinner party. Thought of mainly as a staple of Moroccan and Middle Eastern cuisine, preserved lemons have remarkable versatility, striking good looks, and a sublime flavour. Lemons pickled in lemon juice provide a citrus-on-steroids taste and aroma. Continue reading “Preserved Lemon”