Comme un bouchon

Bistrot Lyonnais

On Monday, in Geneva for business, I ventured from my hotel a little before 8pm to look for dinner. After perusing the menu of a few places in the neighbourhood, I settled on the little “bistrot lyonnais”. The menu looked a little meat heavy but made my mouth water.

The proprietor and wait staff greeted me warmly and seated me in the cozy restaurant near the bar with a good view of the black board with the daily specials.  The last item on the board was “Spécialités orales de Cédric et Mélanie”. Continue reading “Comme un bouchon”

From The Hip, Light You Up, Angus Beef and Bean Chili

This one is all Vann – I only reaped the benefits!

This started out as a recipe I got from that called for hot turkey sausage as the base meat. I had planned on using that basic recipe, replacing the sausage with stew meat. Once I got to the store and started reading recipes on the backs of cans of beans and such, I concocted a brand new recipe on the fly. Hence, ‘From The Hip’. I decided to keep the ground coriander that the original recipe called for. I’d never really used coriander and found that it added an interesting, ‘What am I tasting?’ sort of flavor to the chili.



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Burgundy Beef Stew with(out) Cornmeal-Thyme Dumplings

As frigid weather descended upon us here in the New Orleans tropics last week, we decided comfort food might help us muscle through it. Vann came up with a great recipe for Burgundy Beef Stew, found in the Living section of our local newspaper, that we then adapted a bit to make our own. Delicious, warming-to-the-bone and somewhat healthy, too!

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