Granny’s Chicken and Dumplings

I had been hearing about my friend Rick’s grandma’s chicken and dumplings for over a year, hoping that I would get a chance to taste this classic southern dish at some point. When Rick’s husband brings up the idea of giving up meat, Rick replies, “But how could you live without chicken and dumplings?” and that shuts him up.

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Burgundy Beef Stew with(out) Cornmeal-Thyme Dumplings

As frigid weather descended upon us here in the New Orleans tropics last week, we decided comfort food might help us muscle through it. Vann came up with a great recipe for Burgundy Beef Stew, found in the Living section of our local newspaper, that we then adapted a bit to make our own. Delicious, warming-to-the-bone and somewhat healthy, too!

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