Pink Chicken for Lunch

Killing time before tae kwon do class, Kristin and I wandered into a cute new Asian store in Moabit. It had a lot of great stuff, including a small collection of nice looking fresh produce. In the spirit of supporting this new venture, and because I can’t stop myself when I see them, I bought a couple jars of Patak’s: Hot Mixed Pickle and Tandoori Paste.

The marinade is alarmingly pink

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Since I had a lot of veggies piling up in the fridge, I figured palak/saag paneer and “Gemüse Spezial” (my favorite vegetable and paneer dish at the Pakistani Imbiss I used to go to in Berlin) would be a good way to use them up. But before I could make them, I needed to make the paneer first.

I finally figured out digital macro

If you’ve never made paneer before, don’t be intimidated. It’s really easy, and as far as I can tell, it’s impossible to screw up. Continue reading “Paneer”