Road trip! On the Autobahn! To Amsterdam! Where is was actually sunny and warm, unlike Berlin!

In brief: if the Germans know pork, then the Dutch know dairy.

The Dutch are serious about dairy.
That is sliced cold butter on the bread.

The grocery store even had a walk-in milk cooler. All the milk I’ve had in Europe (even the discount milk in tetra paks) has been better than the tasteless slime you get in North America, but the milk in the Netherlands was no less than delicious.

The apartment we rented had a gorgeous terrace that was perfect for enjoying the bright sunny mornings. We ate leisurely breakfasts out there all three days. I zoned in on cheese and butter and crackers and toast. I dabbed on some jam every few bites. Lovely.
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Ten pounds of scallops

It seemed out of the blue when I got a call from a friend who works in a bar to inform me that the ten pounds of scallops I had ordered arrived. ‘Right,’ I thought, only vaguely remembering the agreement that I made with a local fisherman. Now, true to his word, he had returned to the scene of hazy evening with twenty pounds of scallops to be divided between me and my barkeep friend. And of course, he arrived around midnight. Did I mention that they were only $7 a pound?
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Seafood Chowder

Living on the east coast of Canada, there is an abundance of fresh, tasty seafood. Chowder, when made well, is a wonderful way to show off local flavour. First, a note about chowder: it is not vegan, vegetarian, lactose-free, gluten-free, or kosher. For those with “allergies” it could produce full-on anaphylaxis, making it the soup equivalent of a loaded gun. Don’t let any of this detract you: well-prepared chowder is a gentle yet well-meaning fuck you to gourmands in need of mettle.
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