Liver and red wine tomato sauce

Last April, we took our clients to Spaghetti Western. One of my colleagues ordered the special — a pasta with liver and red wine tomato sauce. I was intrigued. He asked if I wanted to taste it. I did want to, and so I did taste it.


I go to Spaghetti Western often, but I’ve never seen it on the menu again. The taste has been haunting me. I’ve thought about trying to replicate it , and earlier this week I decided that today would be the day. Continue reading “Liver and red wine tomato sauce”


Kristin and I went to Rome for a few days before Christmas a year ago. One of the never-ending joys of living in central Europe is such kinds of trips, partly for the joy of seeing these places but moreover for being able to casually say, “I went for Rome for a couple days.” Last year I also weekended in Amsterdam and London, and spent afternoons in Dresden and Słubice, Poland. I have a ticket to Zurich for a weekend later this month.

Neither of us had been to Rome, and while I had no specific desire to visit, Rome offers several landmarks and the allure of Real Italian Food.

Kristin at the Vatican
Kristin at the Vatican

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